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FreeCodeCamp is the best programming booster for starters

FreeCodeCamp is the best programming booster for starters. “FCC” is a non-profit organization, started around 2014, by Quincy Larson since then you can call it a bright history.

the platform is magnificent. It enables coders and programmers from all around the world to interact and learn online. free of charge (with the option to donate), also after you finish a number of lessons, You can earn each certification by completing its 5 final projects. that so cool ain’t it. not only that those same certificates are well recognized, and can literally push your career further, the only hustle from your side, is a determination to finish the program or at least the lessons you think are the best for your needs.

FreeCodeCamp curriculum :

This is the list of lessons and projects as of the start of 2019.

Lessons view :

As you can see the page is divide to three parts : the info part , the editor, and a live side where you can check your progress.

Projects View :

Certificate :

Summary & Benefits:

FreeCodeCamp will benefit you the best as a starter. Especially if you are running with a little budget. to take courses from the likes of Udacity or to join a university that will cost you a lot.

The platform’s build is excellent. its community is very warm throughout all its social media joints. You can seek help if you struggled while learning. And also you can join one of their camps if you live near to one of them or organize it yourself.

After you finish the program, you will contribute to non-profit organizations. That will help you sharpen your skills, and gives you the ability to break off the steam, and become a “Job Ready” candidate.